green roofing denver

Green Roofing Denver

Now get potential energy savings and cost savings when you install cool shingles and reflective roofing.

J & L Roofing is proud to promote green roofing solutions to our residential and commercial clients in Denver Colorado. As a leading roofing contractor in Denver, we practice and support the latest energy efficient technologies, material optimization, and recycling that help conserve natural resources.

Sustainable roofing solutions such as cool roofing, insulation, and ventilation, help reduce the energy usage of structures over their lifetime and SAVES YOU MONEY! Thanks to modern reflective technology, homeowners and commercial properties can join the green revolution with cool roofing shingles and reflective flat roofs. These reflective technologies can help to reduce temperatures in attics and buildings, and help save on air conditioning costs.

Today the leading roof material manufacturers offer many solutions for energy efficient roofing to choose from. Call us today to learn more about the energy and money saving options available.

Green Your Home

  • Cool Shingles
  • Ventilation
  • Energy Star® qualified roofing systems

Green Your Buildings

  • Cool and Reflective Roofing
  • TPO and PVC
  • Elastomeric Coatings
  • Garden Roofing

green energy efficient roofing denver


Money and Energy Savings

About $40 billion a year is spent in the U.S. on air conditioning buildings. This represents one-sixth of all electricity generated annually. ENERGY STAR® qualified roof products may reduce air conditioning needs and reduce costs.

Cooling Systems Reduction

A reflective roof can reduce cooling demand. Home or building owners may be able to invest in a smaller, more efficient, and less expensive cooling systems.

Reduced Pollution

Lower energy demand results in less fossil fuel burning, and less pollution from power plants. In addition, ENERGY STAR® qualified roof systems help lessen the “heat island effect” from dark, heat-absorbing buildings and paved streets and parking lots in urban areas.

Roof Life

ENERGY STAR® qualified roof products maintain better temperature stability, reduce thermal shock, and may help to extend the life of the roof.

Tax Credit

Get up to $500 (10% of material cost) back from the government in the form of a tax credit on shingles that are ENERGY STAR® qualified.

Energy Savings

Reduce cooling energy consumption by up to 50 percent depending on location, climate, and building structure.


Some utility companies and municipalities provide rebates for installing reflective shingles.

Longer Shingle Life

Protects against harmful UV rays, adding to life of shingles.


Class A fire rating for many cool shingles.

Peace of Mind

Extended warranties available.


Reflective shingles and roofing can add beauty to your home or building.

Other Green Practices

  • Recycling of roofing materials
  • Shingle recycling
  • Material reclamation

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